Types of surgery for colon cancer

Colon cancer is one type of cancer which actually begins in large intestine (colon). Colon mainly is final that is end part of the digestive tract. Colon cancer actually first affect older adults, and less chance in lower age.  It starts from small, clumps of cells which is known as polyps that forms inside of colon. If in case develop then the treatment is available to cure it and several treatments are available which are surgery, radiation therapy and drug treatments which also called chemotherapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

The colon cancer is also called as colorectal cancer. The symptoms are Change in habits also includes diarrhea or constipation, rectal bleeding, also abdominal discomforts it also includes cramps and pain, weakness or fatigue, weightless.

The time when you see your doctor when a person gets any particular symptoms.

Factors which increase your risk of colon cancer they are older age, high fat fibre, Diabetes, obesity, radiation therapy in cancer, family history for cancer.

Surgery is the important treatment for colon cancer and also the surgery depends on the stage of cancer.

There are several types for surgery of colon cancer are –

Polypectomy in which the small growth in the inner lining are removed in the surgery.

Local excision treats cancer in the lowest part of colon. In this treatment it removes

Cancer and some of the wall of the rectum are removed.

Resection surgery it involves of any part or all of colon with cancer and tissue which is nearby it.

Other surgery option for colon cancer are partial colectomy, Ileocolectomy, Abdominal colectomy etc.

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