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Prostate Cancer

We are specialized in prostate cancer treatment. We assure best prostate cancer treatment in Pune.
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What is prostate cancer?

It is malignant growth of prostate gland in men. This is most common cancer in men. The chances of prostate cancer increases as age increases

How to diagnose prostate cancer?

Diagnosis is made by biopsy. Serum PSA level is often increased in prostate cancer. Sr. PSA can be used for screening and monitoring the response to treatment.

What is treatment of prostate cancer?

Treatment of prostate cancer depends on the stage and extent of spread of disease. There are different types of treatment available for prostate cancer like Radiation Therapy, Chemotherapy, Hormonal Therapy and Surgery. To know the choice of treatment please consult Oncologist.

How prostate cancer spreads?

Prostate cancer can spread to lymph node. The most common site of distant spread is bones.

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