Breast Cancer

Cancer care Pune is the center of excellence for breast cancer treatment. We give best breast cancer treatment in Pune.

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What are symptoms of breast Cancer?
Lump in breast, change in skin color, retraction of nipple, change in size of breast, nipple discharge, swelling in axilla, puckering of skin of breast are symptoms of breast cancer

How to diagnose breast cancer?
Breast cancer can be diagnosed by various tests like biopsy, FNAC and mammography. Further tests are needed once diagnosis is made are PET CT, Blood tests, bone scan, for staging and evaluation of treatment.

What is mammography?
Mammography is nothing but taking a x-ray of breast in specialized machine. This is screening test for breast cancer.

What is treatment of breast cancer?
Treatment of breast cancer is multimodality treatment which includes Surgery, chemotherapy, Radiation therapy and Hormonal therapy. The sequence of therapy depends on the stage of the disease.

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