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The best chemotherapy center in Pune is Cancer Care Pune. We have made chemotherapy treatment in Pune more successful with modern technologies. Our Chemotherapy Center in Pune uses only the advanced machines and technologies which make the therapy most successful and affordable.

Cancer Care Pune is having Chemotherapy center in Pimpri Chinchwad is one of the best centers for chemotherapy treatment. Cancer Care Pune is Chemotherapy treatment in Pune is most preferred for Chemotherapy treatment in Pune. Chemotherapy is integral part of cancer treatment.

We have Best Chemotherapy specialist in Pune. We treat all types of cancers through our chemotherapy center in Pune. With the assistance from the best chemotherapy specialists, we are the best at providing the chemotherapy treatment in Pune.

We at cancer care Pune have expertise in Chemotherapy. We are the best Chemotherapy Center in Pune. We have experience of more than 5000 patients of chemotherapy treatment. We give chemotherapy at affordable cost.

We provide Chemotherapy treatment for all cancers including breast cancer, Lung cancer, Liver Cancer, Prostate cancer, Tongue cancer, Pharynx cancer, uterine cancers, Stomach cancer. We also have specialized chemotherapy treatments like targeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Cancer care Pune is associated with best medical Oncologists  to give best Chemotherapy treatment in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad.

To book appointment for Chemotherapy Therapy Treatment in Pune please call on Our Help Line Number 9890233887 or you can chat with us by clicking on ‘How can I help you’ icon.


What is Chemotherapy Treatment in pune?

These are the medicines in the form of injections or tablets used to destroy cancer cells.

Chemotherapy simply means use of cancer medicines in the form of Injections or tablets for treatment of cancer. Most of the chemotherapy regimens need day care admission, means we admit patient in morning give injections throughout day and discharge patient in evening. Some chemotherapy regimens might need admission for few days.

Chemotherapy center in Pune

Types of Chemotherapy Treatment in Pune

  1. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is use of certain medicines to modify the immunity of cells to achieve the control of cancer cells.

  1. Targeted agents

These medicines act on the specific targets on cells to destroy the cancer cells. These medicines have lesser side effects than chemotherapy.

  1. Cytotoxic Chemotherapy

Why it is done

Chemotherapy is used to kill most cancers cells in human beings with most cancers.

There are numerous settings wherein chemotherapy can be utilized in human beings with most cancers:

To treatment the most cancers with out different treatments :
Chemotherapy may be used because the number one or sole remedy for most cancers.

To put together you for different treatments: Chemotherapy may be used to decrease a tumor in order that different treatments, inclusive of radiation and surgery, are possible. Doctors name this neoadjuvant therapy.

After different treatments, to kill hidden most cancers cells:
Chemotherapy may be used after different treatments, inclusive of surgery, to kill any most cancers cells that would continue to be withinside the body. Doctors name this adjuvant therapy.

To ease symptoms and symptoms and signs and symptoms: Chemotherapy may also assist relieve symptoms and symptoms and signs and symptoms of most cancers through killing a number of the most cancers cells. Doctors name this palliative chemotherapy.
These are the medicines which act on the DNA of cancer cells and destroy cancer cells. These can be given through injection or oral rout.

What are the side effects of Chemotherapy?

Side effects of Chemotherapy depends on the drug used. Generally, the side effects are acute side effects like allergic reactions, nausea and vomiting. Or some late side effects like decrease in white blood cells (neutropenia), anemia, low platelets, weakness, infections, fever, cough, diarrhea, skin reactions, hair loss, loss of appetite, kidney and liver toxicity. All these side effects may not develop in one patient. Doctor will monitor for these toxicities.

In Which cancers chemotherapy is used?

Chemotherapy is used in various cancer like breast cancer, head and neck cancers, Lymphoma, Leukemia, stomach and intestine cancer, esophagus cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer, germ cell tumors.

What diet should I take during Chemotherapy Treatment?

Patient should take freshly prepared and properly cooked food. Patient should avoid spicy and hot food as this may increase nausea. Food hygiene should be maintained properly. Patient should drink boiled water or water from good quality water filter. Hand Hygiene should be maintained. Patient should not eat raw vegetables and fruits. However, fruits with cover like banana are allowed. Patient should take lots of water to maintain hydration.

What is the cost of Chemotherapy Treatment?

Cost of Chemotherapy depends on the cost of medicines. To know the cost of chemotherapy please call our helpline number.

What precautions to be taken during Chemotherapy?

During and after chemotherapy you should maintain good personal hygiene. Patient should avoid going in crowded places. Patient should avoid people having infection as they may catch infection very easily. Patient should do gargling regularly with mouthwash. If you have constipation then consult doctor. If patient has fever, weakness, bleeding, cough, diarrhea then you should immediately consult Oncologist.

Why Choose Cancer Care Pune for Chemotherapy Treatment in Pune ?

  • We follow NCCN and ASCO guidelines of cancer treatment which are accepted all
    over world.
  • Minimum side effects – We access the general condition of patient before treatment
    and plan chemotherapy so that patient has minimum side effects.
  • Affordable cost – We give chemotherapy in most affordable cost. To know the cost of
    chemotherapy please call us or chat with us.

What Our Patients says


Very genuine and down to earth Chemotherapy treatment in Pune. He gave us a lot of Confidence and right advise. It’s because of him, my father is doing well. Thanks Doctor!!

Rajesh Deshmukh



One of the best Chemotherapy treatment in pune , where all doctors were threatening us while treating my dad. Dr. Jagdish Shinde was very positive right from the first visit. Very humble Cancer Specialist in Pune, I have ever met till now.

Anita Patil



We Consulted dr. Jagdish Shinde – Best Chemotherapy Center in Pune for bone radiation of my mother. She had complete pain relief after treatment with Chemotherapy therapy. Thank you Dr. Jagdish Shinde

Sonali Shendre



I consulted Dr. Shinde for Chemotherapy therapy of my mother as she had CA breast cancer. It was lovely experience with Dr. Shinde. He is fully professional and well knowledgeable to his work and he suggested us the suitable Chemotherapy package for better Cancer treatment in Pune. He is very humble and polite. Also he helped us to get Pre-approved insurance claim and it was very smooth. I strongly recommend Dr. Shinde for better Chemotherapy therapy in Pune. Thank u Dr.

Aniket Rathod



He is excellent Chemotherapy treatment in Pune and such a nice and humble person.Understands your problem or disease properly and gives u proper Cancer treatment. Never misguide his patients. Thank you Dr Jagdish Shinde sir – Best Chemotherapy Center in Pune.

Abhishek Vyas



Best Chemotherapy Treatment Center in Pune and they Understands your problem or disease properly and gives u proper Cancer treatment. Never misguide his patients. Thank you Dr Jagdish Shinde sir – Best chemotherapy Specialist in Pune.

Shreya Pandey


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