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Cervix Cancer

We at cancer care Pune give best treatment of Cervix Cancer in Pune.

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What is cervix cancer?
This is cancer of mouth of the uterus. This is second most common cancer in women.

What are symptoms of cervix cancer?
These include excessive bleeding during or in between menstrual cycle, bleeding after sexual intercourse, post-menopausal bleeding, pain in back, pain in lower abdomen

How Cervix cancer is diagnosed?
Cervix cancer is diagnosed with tests like Biopsy.

How to prevent cervical Cancer?
Cervical cancer is one of the preventable cancer. It can be prevented by vaccination against HPV virus.

What is the cause of cervical cancer?
HPV (Human Papilloma virus) infection is the major etiological factor for cervical Cancer

What is treatment of cervical cancer?
Treatment depends on the stage of disease but in most of the stages of cervical cancer the Radiation Therapy is best treatment. Rarely surgery may be needed for treatment of cervical cancer.

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