Colon Cancer and Rectum Cancer

Colon and Rectum are the part of large intestine of our body. Cancers of colon and rectum are very common. We havespecialized team for management of colorectal cancers. To book appointment for colon cancer management please call us on helpline number 9890233887

What is Colon Cancer?

It is cancer of large intestine of our body. This is the distal part of the intestine.

What are the signs and symptoms of colorectal cancer?

Constipation, altered bowel habits, blood in stools, pain in abdomen are the most common symptoms of colorectal cancers.

What are the risk factors for developing colorectal cancers?

Risk of developing ca colorectum cancer increasesif following risk factors are present like obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, food like red meat or fried and grilled food, colorectal polyp, family history of colorectal cancer or adenomatous polyp.

 How colorectal cancers are diagnosed?

 There are different tests to diagnose colon cancer like colonoscopy and biopsy, CT scan/PET CT scan, serum CEA.

What is the treatment of colorectal cancer?

Treatment of colorectal cancer depends on stage of the disease. There are three main types of treatments available for Radiation therapy, Chemotherapy and Surgery. In CA rectum most of patients need Radiation therapy before surgery. There are some targated therapy in colon cancer.

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