Lowering Cancer Danger

Cancer is a disease in which there is development of abnormal cell that divide uncontrollably and have ability to destroy normal cell tissue. Cancer slowly spread throughout your body. Cancer is also a cause of death, but for cancer the survival rate is has improved, due to improvement in cancer screening and treatments. If you found out symptoms like fatigue, weight change, skin issue or skin turning yellowish, persistent cough, persistent indigestion, unexpected bleeding etc. you should immediately visit doctor. If cancer is diagnosed at early stage, there are high chances of recovery. There are few things to do for lowering cancer danger

  1. Get regular cancer screening test – If you found out any symptoms related to cancer it’s important to visit doctor as early as possible and regular screening test can catch the cancer at early stage
  2. Get and stay at healthy weight – It is important to maintain weight if you are diagnosed with cancer, being overweight or obese can be harmful. You can maintain your weight using several exercise and diet.
  3. Exercise – It is important to exercise regularly to maintain weight. Doctor will guide you with some special exercise according to your growth of cancer and age which has to be followed regularly.
  4. Eat a healthy diet regularly – According to your cancer stage, doctor will recommend you with certain diet chart which has to be followed regular. Doctor will guide you about what to eat and what not to.
  5. Avoid alcoholic products – Patient should avoid harmful products, not to consume. Products like tobacco, alcohol should be avoided strictly.

If followed strict diet and exercise with  follow up with cancer care hospital and your doctor then you can lower your cancer danger

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