If any person found cancer symptoms or found in screening test, later doctor will find out is it cancer or any other similar symptoms related to it. You have to go through certain test, doctor will recall your family history, if any because that makes easy to understand or do any physical exam. There are several test to find out about cancer, it might be lab test, scans or other test procedure. Once cancer is diagnosed doctor will find out about the stage of that cancer that makes easy for further procedure and treatment.  

Cancer can be treated if proper and treatment is provided at early stage, but the main issue here sometimes people fail in fighting with cancer is patient do not have positive approach and thinks cancer cannot be treated. It’s very important to be strong and positive so that its easy and that will help patient in their healing process. Mood swings are very common after cancer diagnosis and dealing with such bad feeling and emotions are very tough at the first stage of diagnosis but it’s important to work on it, to accept about what you feel, how will you deal with this because with proper treatment patient should always be positive about this, should have positive feeling and should surround with positive people and fresh environment. Patient have to face many challenges regarding it because there are so many people out there who will put you down and that will demotivate you or will make you weak in fighting to this cancer. That’s why patient should go through challenges in easy way and thus will increase your confidence.

May patient go through depression because they think now cancer cannot be treated but that’s wrong, patient should always visit doctor time to time and should not believe on such wrong information because cancer can be treated if treatment provided on time. Signs of depression can be – Feeling confused, losing hope, over thinking, lack of sleep, fatigue, expressing the sudden weight loss or gain. In such cases people should go for any medical treatment and that will help patient to deal with such depression problem after diagnosis of cancer.

Patient should always take emotional support from their family and friends who you think will motivate you and always give you that positive strength in you to deal with cancer.

Cancer is always treatable and right treatment will give you the happy and new life it’s just you have to trust and support your doctor while undergoing this cancer treatment and also should be positive in every aspect and in every treatment process so that you will find a better life in between or after diagnosis of any cancer. We provides best Cancer treatment in Pune.

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