Living with cancer

Being diagnosed with cancer is emotionally and physically challenging thing for a patient. This gives lot of frustration and feeling of loss of self-control. There is feeling of being scared and anger. To cope up with these problems you need to do some changes in your lifestyle.

Talk with family and friends

When you are diagnosed with a cancer it is important to talk with your family and friends about your diagnosis and treatment. They are the people who can help you in this situation. Love and support of your family is most important asset for you. If your friends and family known about your diagnosis they can help you if you are feeling sick or depressed. You can ask your friends to join you in stress reducing activities.

Talk with your partner

If you are married or in relationship, it is important to talk with your partner about your disease and nature of treatment, as in some cases cancer treatment can affect your sexual life. There might be dryness of vagina, skin rash, cancer associated fatigue which can affect your sexual life. Even though sexual relationship is not possible you can express love by caring gesture, emotional support and by giving hugs and kisses.

Interact with people in same boat

Talk with people who are living with cancer. Sharing of experiences will give you positive energy to you. Join support groups for cancer patients in your area.

Take time for yourself

If you are spending lot of time in home then do the things you always wanted to do, like any hobby, reading, listening music. Take this time to think about yourself, your future goals, deciding priorities of your life. When we don’t have any disease, we don’t think about ourselves due to lack of time, so take this time as an opportunity to look inside in a positive way.

Get a professional help

If you are diagnosed with cancer and can’t cope up with physical and mental stress, get a professional help from a psychiatrist or your physician. Doctor is always there to help you.

Start exercising

If you were not doing exercise before diagnosis then start with some mild exercise like walking, stationery cycling, aerobic or yoga exercise. Exercise reduces stress and fatigue associated with cancer. Exercise also helps you to maintain weight. During exercise don’t strain too much on your body, listen to your body. Make your exercise more enjoyable by listening music accompanying your friend during exercise.

Stop smoking… Start living

Smoking may affect your treatment adversely, also it can increase the side effects associated with treatment. So stop smoking and start living.

Partying or not?

As far as your social life is concerned you should meet people but in some cases when your immunity is decreased you should avoid going to crowded places because it can cause infections. Avoid using alcohol as it can cause
dehydration of your body. Talk to your doctor about this.

Eat Healthy

Talk with your doctor about diet. Often there are problems like decreased appetite, nausea and vomiting, difficulties in swallowing are associated with cancer. Take lots of water. Eat small and frequent feedings, less spicy food, have fruits, Green vegetables in your diet.

– Dr. Jagdish Shinde
– Consultant Oncologist  in Pune / Cancer specialist in Pune

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