Kids Fighting the Fight

It is very depressing to see that small kids are facing deadly disease called cancer. At the age of enjoying the moments, studying, playing and lot more, kids are fighting to live and fighting against cancer. With that even their parents and family member are working so hard to make them smile and help in fighting with cancer. When the kid is diagnosed with cancer it is so difficult for the family members to dissolve such news, as because that kid is unaware about what he/she might be going through or will go through is coming journey of fighting with cancer. Every parents are stressed beyond measure but still they somehow manage to overcome any obstacles, just for their kid. If the kid is above 3 to 5yrs then they might can express their pain but if that cancer is below 2 year or so what kind of process and pain they are going through can’t be explained. Here, the huge is of parents, hospital staff member and doctor. They always make sure that kids are distract while treatment or they try to motivate, keep them happy in all possible ways in the process of fighting with cancer. Some kids are super brave and has lot of energy of fighting as they wanted to get out of such disease as soon as possible. At some point of time kids has to leave their school, their hobbies just to fight the cancer and get back to normal life, here parents and doctor plays an important role by being with them all the time, motivating to smile and stay happy because that is necessary for kids to stay strong at the time. A lot of NGO, several people help and motivate such cancer diagnosed kids to make them strong in all possible terms. Sometimes parents do lie to their kids, because they can’t understand what actually the cancer is and due to this kids don’t lose hope and start believing that they are going to be normal soon. So it is important to trust doctor, not to lose hope, should not believe in any fake news that can’t put your kid in danger. Follow the process of treatment, doctor will always guide you about do’s and don’ts when your kid is fighting with cancer.

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