Cancer is a disease, in which there is uncontrolled and abnormal growth of cells. It is very important that cancer should be diagnosed at earliest stages which often provides best chances for treatment and cure. If any person feels that any certain symptoms are related to cancer, one should visit doctor immediately so that test are performed and cancer is diagnosed. Only after visiting cancer hospital, you will find that if symptoms are of cancer or not, if yes then what is the stage of cancer and what type of cancer screening may be appropriate for you.

Studies show that screening test can save lives if cancer is diagnosed early for few cancers.

Cancer Specialist has various approaches to diagnose cancer –

Physical Exams – If doctor feel any area on patient’s body with lumps which indicate cancer is diagnosed by physical exam. Physical exam can tell any abnormalities such as change in skin color; enlargement of an organ are signs that patient has cancer. Physical exam can diagnose cancer.

Laboratory Tests – For cancer diagnosis, patient should undergo for laboratory test such as blood test, urine test which help to know about cancer and its stage. A common blood test which is called complete blood count may reveal unusual number or a type of white cells.

Imaging Tests – Imaging test is actually where doctor examines patients bone and internal organ in noninvasive way. To diagnose cancer imaging test may include CT scan that is – Computerized tomography, bone scan, MRI scan that is – magnetic resonance imaging, PET scan that is – positron emission tomography, X-RAY.

Biopsy –  In Biopsy, doctor collects the sample of cells of patient for testing in laboratory which helps to know about the location of cancer and the type of cancer. In some situation Biopsy is only way to diagnose cancer 

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