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Colorectal cancer alarming trends

Colorectal malignant growth begins in the huge inside and rectum. In 2021, it is assessed to be analysed in 149,500 Americans and lead to 52,980 passing. There are to many deaths and when you mostly at black population the number actually is worst. In this colorectal cancer the rate is high in the blacks as compared to racial or ethnic group in our country.

Mostly colorectal cancers start in growth on inner lining of the colon or rectum which is known as polyps. Sometimes it grows slowly over many years and then it changes into cancer. There are several risk in this in developing colorectal cancer , which mostly include aging, obesity, diet , lifestyle change etc. The another factor could be it depend on genes which leads to development of colorectal cancer.

CRC i.e.- Colorectal cancer is common cancer worldwide problem and has very low reported incidence in India. There are few studies which are conducting in Indian patient of this colorectal cancer.
As per current information 800-900 new patients of colorectal cancer were seen in the cancer hospital in one year with the age of 47-50 years old. The percentage of male and female are, male percentage are 65% and rest were females. The patient can see the symptoms with the 4 months prior to the presentation.

The most common symptoms were rectal bleeding 57%, pain 44% and altered bowel habits 26%.
Colorectal cancer in India differs from describe in western countries.
How to know that a person has cancer. There are several symptoms for this cancer and they are –
1) Fatigue
2) Lump or area thickening that can be felt in person under the skin.
3) Weight suddenly changes, it can be weight loss or gain.
4) The color of skin might change it can be dark, yellowish, redness, and this won’t heal.
5) Bladder habits in some cancer disease types.
6) Swallowing difficulty.
7) Problem in digestion.
8) Muscle pain or joint pain.
9) Unexplained fever or sometimes night sweats.

When can you see a doctor- You should visit a doctor when you see any of these symptoms with you. If most of this symptoms you can’t see but still you are worried about ask doctor for screening test to confirm

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