It’s very difficult to find a reason to smile when you are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is a disease in which cell from the body grow uncontrollable and spread all over the body. Cancer cannot be treated if not diagnosed at early stage, but if you find a symptom at early stage and if it is diagnosed then cancer can be treated. When you are diagnosed with cancer, along with cancer it gives us depression, stress and fatigue that patient has to face. That is why patient need moral support from their family members. In this tough time, it is really important to maintain hope, handle the mental state. After some research it is found out that mental health and peace can impact on treatment, so patient should get positive energy from the environment and society. There are so many patients who go through tough times when they are diagnosed with cancer, but their loved one are the reason to smile even in this difficult situation. While treatment a lot of patient spend their time at home, and that’s where major role has to be performed by their close ones. Patient can take a walk, read, listen positive words, spend more time with family that helps them to recover fast and even give them a hope and reason to smile. Hopeful cancer patient is much easier to manage than a one who is upset and lost their hope. Doctor always try to give hopes to patient while treatment, so it is also important for patient to trust the doctor and their treatment and always maintain hope to recover. Patient don’t like to listen sick stories so it’s important, that family member should be positive and always provide new and success stories of cancer treatment to their own patients. That is the actual reason to smile. There is lot of difference in how patient visit doctor for treatment on their own vs visiting doctor with family member. It makes huge difference in treatment too. It should be warrior approach of patient while fighting for cancer. That is why smile giver even plays a important role here. Cancer patient should feel comfortable and relaxed when they are going through several treatment process and this can be done with the help of doctor, family member with their smile

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