Cancer is a disease which is curable, or sometimes it is not when reached to the last stage. I still remember the day when I was in the hospital because I was not feeling great and felt like I am sick. So me and my family thought of visiting a doctor and find out what’s wrong. After sometime and after several tests doctor told me that I have a cancer. I was shocked and I was completely broken at that moment. I felt like everything is over and nothing was on place. I always have big dreams and wanted to do so much in my life, but when I heard that I have to now deal with the cancer I was completely lost. I thought there is no way to achieve my dreams, I will be bullied by everyone, I have to feel the pain of treatment and my life will be a mess. But, the best part here was my family who supported me since day 1. Who make me feel the best of me, who completely supported me and motivated me to be strong. I saw many other people around me who has lot of other big problem than me and who are dealing with it regularly but still they were happy with their life.

It is important to work so hard to stay brave and courageous, but it is also ok to feel small and sacred some time. The cancer is really unpredictable and sometimes we feel scary and unfair but it is also important not to take all of that on us. We sometimes feel that this is not I deserve but you need to understand that rather crying or keep thinking and feeling depressed all the time, you need to stay happy, deal with the situation and keep going. I am so happy that when I get up in the morning I feel so motivated because I try to make best of every situation and most of every day. When I lost so many people in life due to this disease, I have to face depression and I know how badly I wanted to heal it and get over it. I joined so many great mental health courses which helped me lot getting better and better each day and get over my depression. That day I understood that every problem has a solution and all you need to do it look up to the problem, tell them that you can face it, find out the solution and just get over that problem. It is also ok not to be strong each day because there’s some other thing which will really put you down. So at that moment it is ok to cry, scream and yell at severity of all this because this can help you to be strong. Give yourself the permission to break down and to explode and then allow you to collect yourself, glue the pieces back and reinvent yourself. You need to speak about your journey, write it down how you feel about the situation, write it down about what you wanted to achieve in your life, meet only those people who understand you and your situation because this can help you to stay strong even in the bad situation.

Appreciate yourself for how strong you are handling every pain and every situation. You can’t control things, can’t asked why but all you can do is accept the situation and find the positive note from it and keep going with the day. It is important to love yourself first before you love other people. Keep saying you are so strong my dear and you have been through a lot and now you have come to winning end. Self-motivation, self-appreciation, and self-love is what make you strong.

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